Case #143126: New install wont start "Error occurred during initialization of VM"


Brand new install on a brand new virtualized system with 4gb RAM.  Do I just need more memory?  How much?


Executing /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/bin/manage start

Failed to start application sbs. See log file at '/usr/local/jive/var/logs/sbs.out'.

Failed to start Jive applications. Please check the error logs at '/usr/local/jive/var/logs/sbs.log'.

Jive post-install configuration complete.


Starting application sbs

Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap


I added this to /etc/jive/conf/cache.conf but haven't been able to make it run yet -- same error.

export JVM_HEAP='2048'


What next?  I saw a suggestion to add/edit CONF_OPTS in /usr/local/jive/applications/sbs/bin/manage but haven't gone down that road yet.




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