Case #143828: delete? disable? invisible? How to handle users who leave the company?


Hi Jive,


there are a couple of threads about handling users who leave the company.

Like this one: Some companies need to keep all users contributinos, other have to anonymize the users, ... The handling seems to be different from customer to customer. Many seem to have custom solutions.


What are the out-off-box options?


I found these options, but I did not find any detailed documentation about what they exact do.


1.) Deleting a user via admin console. There is docmentation, but there seem to be some problems which make it hard to use this.,

2.) Disable a user via admin console. I did not find any documentation. Browsing threads here and doing some tests, this activity: removes the avatar, prevents login, stops mail notifications, remove member listing in social groups, removes users from search results. It there anything else?

3.) Set jiveUser.visible=0 in the database. This makes the profile (people/[username]) unavailable.


Is there more information about these options?

Are there other ways to disable users, anonymize their content?




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