Case #143998: 4.5 Applications Database: In what table and column?


1. Application: jive ThreadProp Table What is the subject of the thread? is it name? In the jiveMessage Table it's obvious that "subject" is the correct column name but it's uncertain for the thread.

2. Application: I know who is the person who answered/helpful answered the post but Who chose the answer? jiveAnswer Table. column?

3. Analytics: How many views on a message/thread  jivedw_message Table >  or jivedw_activity...?

4. Application: What table and column name indicates the  list of tags associated with a thread?

5. Application: What table and column name indicates the thread body text?


Having an issue finding some of the correct tables and column names. Hopefully someone can help.



Latest Comment: Apr 19, 2012 9:15 AM by Vincent Tilanus


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