Case #144280: A few questions about Jive




I am thinking of buying Jive for my company. I've done some research but I am not finding clear answers to some of my questions.


Can you tell me if the following features are supported by Jive :


- Work offline while not connected to a network

- Snappy performance (i.e. sub second search or document opening) in all locations

- Relevancy tuning (search)

- Advanced version management (support parallel editing of documents, diffs between files)

- Be able to bring non company employees in a session

- Be able to use some of the tools popular in the external community (skype, facebook, etc.). (I know it's yes for Facebook with the Facebook connector)

- Shared white board

- Ideally integrated with audio and video conferencing

- Act as a common anchor for all services and applications

- List of common software tools (like UML, diagrams, SIP server, traffic generator)


And in general, is it easy to use and intuitive ?


Thank you very much for your answers.


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