Case #145297: User dseera can't log in despite password being reset




User dseera (!input.jspa?userId=5132) (password: 1fiserv) is not able to log in despite having had his password reset multiple times. The error message that shows is: "Your account is waiting to be approved." I believe that either this user was previously rejected or that there may have been a glitch for users in the registration moderation queue during the 3.0 -> 4.5 upgrade we ran earlier this year.


1) Could someone please take a peek at this user in the database and see if his status is set to '3' (rejected vai moderation)? If so, could he be manually set to approved but also set to disabled? If he was rejected, I'd like Fiserv to have the chance to figure out why before the user gains access, and be able to enable with needing to bother Support again.

2) If rejection via moderation is not the root cause, we're curious as to what is expected to happen to users in the registration moderation queue when an upgrade is performed. Is their status supposed to be maintained (sounds right), or are they all automatically rejected? Could something here be a possible cause of this issue?

3) If a glitch related to the upgrade process is not the culprit, any other ideas on what the root cause of this could be?


Thanks much for any help and further information!





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