Case #146572: Copy Virtual Machines from Production to Pre-prod


For our upgrade from Jive 4.0 to Jive 4.5.6 (which includes building out a pre-prod environment), I would like to copy our production virtual machines (Jive 4.0) down to pre-prod so that we are starting at the same exact setup.  I'm trying to determine the feasability of doing this and what would need to be changed.  Our pre-production environment is on the production network.  We have Jive application node.  We also have 1 server for anti-virus and document conversion.  DB is on Oracle and we would do a backup / restore to the new environment (possibly renaming/or new user). 


The post-upgrade tasks are good regarding cleaning the database in our environment.


Here is what I've determined so far, please let me know if I'm missing anything:

  1. Copied VMs will have new IPs.  (Need to check details with our engineering)
  2. DB data is pulled down from Production.
  3. disconnect / block the environment from communicating out.  However, I'm not sure what would communicate out and cause issues except for email, which is taken care of in the above post-upgrade task.  So, once moved over and before services started, update email addresses in the database.  Is there anything else we need to block?   We only have 1 production node (so local cache). 
  4. Start Jive
  5. Change Jive settings in system properties page - (anything with URL of mainstreet2 [prod], make into pre-prod URL)
    1. globalRenderManager.EmoticonFilter.imageURL
    2. jiveURL
    6. virusscan.virusScannerUri   (I'm assuming changing in properties changes makes so we don't have to change on the other page)
  6. Change settings in Jive for - database, email, document converter, video key, virus scanner, sharepoint locations, reporting / analytics  (if these weren't modified by changing the system property)
  7. Create same service accounts that existed in production to be used in pre-prod (add accounts in AD). 
  8. where is the setting for the Active Directory sync info stored?
  9. storage provider should be able to stay the same
  10. Update Sharepoint with the new URLs. My biggest concern is re-mapping our sharepoint sites such that Jive and Sharepoint still talk and it looks the same (minus the domain name change).   I don't understand clearly enough how these 2 systems keep up with each other.  However, restoring DB tables on both sides, but changing their domain names I would imagine would cause problems.  We are in the process of trying to research this more.  Do you know what else do we need to do besides what we've listed?


Thanks for the help!


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