Case #148117: Incoming Email Customizable Attributes / Properties


We have Incoming Email configured via a demo Jive hosted site and are the process of activating for an internal instance of Jive.  Several questions have been raised as to security and/or enabling thresholds.  Can you answer the following?


1)  With Incoming Email activated, replies use a "coded" TO address and the replies are posted correctly - it works!  When a third party attempts to use the same "coded" TO address, Jive rejects the incoming email message which we believe is correct.  How does Jive validate the "coded" TO address?

2)  We have looked at the Admin Console user interface and the documented & undocumented System Properties and could find nothing in regards to:

     a. Any Incoming Mail filters

     b.  Setting the maximum size of an incoming email

     c.  Limiting the number of incoming email from a single user in a specific period of time (like 24 hours)


Obviously, we are concerned about spam and denial of service.


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