Case #151589: Category Widget Behaves Differently Depending on Narrow / Wide Placement


We just upgraded to 4.5.7 over the weekend and the behavior of the Category widget on a Space Overview page has changed.


In, if you clicked on a Category name it would take you to a "results" page on the All Content tab and would show you all items that are part of that Category.





In 4.5.7 we see that the links in the Category widget when placed in a narrow column do follow this model.



However, when the Category widget is placed in a wide column the URL format changes - and so does the behavior. Instead of going to a results page, it just refreshes the Recent Content widget on the Overview tab.



Problems arise if:

  1. There is no recent content widget on the page. Clicking the category name/link just refreshes the page
  2. If the Recent Content widget is "below the fold" it may not be obvious what is happening.


I'd really like to understand if this is a bug, which I believe it to be, or does Jive consider this a feature?  There are such poor usability issues in the current model I really cannot understand that this would be the desired behavior.


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