Case #152442: Performance Report Numbers Don't Add Up


Hi. I have been struggling all morning with putting together a report for the owner of this community. Is there any way to export a report of all of the figures in the reports area in one report instead of separate ones for new users then active users then documents uploaded etc. I want to get one report with the big picture of performance for month over month or better yet in a weekly view. The dashboard sort of does that but then I can't export the info nor does it have everything we need to see.


Here is a list of the data that I need to pull together. Doing it manually is a bear and it appears that the numbers don't add up. They are different between the dashboard view and report view. It isn't making any sense. Further for each of these I have to change back and forth between spaces and then add the numbers up manually and plug them into a xls spreadsheet. .


We are trying to compare the performance week to week or at least month over month and there doesn't appear to be any easy way to do that. Am I missing something?



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