Case #154581: Manage Participants on Private Discussion on JC


I have an existing private discussion with Person A, Person B, and Person C.


I return to it later and select 'Manage Participants' and get the dialogue shown - note it says 'Add'. (In pic below ignore Person D - I just didn't screengrab earlier).


add to private.jpg


I type in Person D (actually Trisha Liu ). Note it does not find her profile and show her avatar.


I press Finished.


Note that now the Private Discussion is just with Person D - Persons A, B, C are gone (- fortunately I can remember who they are).


As a fix I took the discussion into edit and added A, B and C again.



As a comparison on my 5.0 GA


add to private - Logica.jpg


Following the same procedure, 'Manage Participants' shows the existing people and resolves the partially typed name. Pressing Finished correctly adds Bridget and retains Andi and Tony. 


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