Case #159590: Bug process suggestions


I've had this happen a few times already, where I identify and report something that turns out to be a bug in the product, but I've been told that it's Jive's policy to close my case before the bug fix is delivered.  Our other top-tier vendors typically leave the issue open until the code fix is delivered.


It's hard enough that we have to wait for a maintenance release to get the fix, but even harder when I have no ETA that I can communicate back to my community.  I'd feel like Jive was showing more empathy if they left the bug-pending cases open so we both have a reminder of what's preventing me from being as successful as possible.  I assume it would also help Product Management to know which bugs are causing people problems, so they can prioritize accordingly. 

Latest Comment: Dec 12, 2011 4:21 AM by Nils Bolsen


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