Case #161494: Please bring back Your View (or my personalized view)


Yes, it's nice that you've added the "Your View" functionality into "What Matters", but now I have to go to multiple screens to see what you think matters to me, what I used to be able to see on my own dashboard.  Why not allow both?  Please bring back the personalized view. 

Now, I can only browse messages from people that I currently am following.  How will I know about those I'm not yet following and would like to be?  There are documents that get posted into specific groups that I'd like to skim.  Or groups that I'm not yet following and would like to be.  Now, I don't have visibility into those other areas.   

I find the search functionality terribly unpredictable and so I've resorted to writing down document numbers.  Before, I could set up my personalized view to work around the lacking ability of the search feature. 


Please bring back the ability to customize my view into what matters to me.


Thanks kindly. 

Latest Comment: Apr 12, 2012 3:31 PM by Josh Richau


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