Case #162582: How to create a new layout


Hi Jive!


Wish you all an happy new year!


We want to create a new layout for the homepage. I searched the supportal but I can't find any relative documentation (only found the classes method in the javadoc). I'd really appreciate if you could provide some


As of now, I've identified some steps to follow but I still miss elements


The few things I have identified:

Server side code:

- creating a java class inheriting BaseWidgetLayout (like under sbs_employee\com\jivesoftware\community\widget\impl)


Front End code:

- creating an ftl file which defines the widgets containers like the ones under jive_sbs_employee-\webapp\WEB-INF\classes\template\widget\layouts


Client side code:

- adding some css classes to our theme  (the class defined in the java class and the ones used in the ftl)

- override line 2414 of jive-global.css to have the different .jive-layout-XXX classes load a new jive-layouts.png sprite which includes an icon for the new layout

- adding a class to our theme to handle the sprite position


SQL DB side :

- adding a row to jiveWLayout to declare the layout


What do I miss?


Could you please help?


Thanks in advance




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