Case #164781: Help With OpenFire integration


I have the steps for setting up openfire for Jive completed - but i can not find where the settings are for Setting up jive for openfire.


I can not find the real time setting in our Jive admin area.


Here are the steps i am trying to follow.


To setup the Jive                application for Openfire:

  1. On the Real Time - Connection Settings page, you see the Jive URL field populated with             the URL at which Openfire can            reach your community. In the Shared Secret box, enter the shared secret that you            entered when configuring Openfire. Click Save Shared Secret to create the            connection.       
  2. Configure the following XMPP-specific system properties: jive.xmpp.domain,      , jive.xmpp.port. For more on these properties, see System Properties for Openfire Integration


If possible i'd like to do a call and a screen sharing session with a tech to walk through this with me.


thank you,


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