Case #168466: Help with searching for a Space


I have a really specific use case, but the general principals of how search works with a space would be good to understand. I thought Elizabeth Heinlein might have just what we need to understand here. And would help to understand any inherent differences between 4.5 and 5.0 as well (since we are in the process of upgrading).


My specific use case is that someone is renaming a Space to reflect new branding. But because when you rebrand, not everyone catches on right away, they want to be able to ensure the space will display in results if the old space name is searched for. How would we make sure this happens? Can we even? With a Group, we'd add tags. So the questions I'm envisioning here are:

  1. What is it about a space that helps get it into search results?
    1. Content that is in the space?
    2. The space description?
    3. The name of the space?
    4. Content in widgets on the overview page?
  2. What (if anything) can be done to improve search "ranking" for a space and a given keyword?



Thanks for your input!


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