Case #170933: Discrepancy in statistics report


We are discovering issues with the reporting tab on admin statistics:

Here are few scenarios:


1. Active/Contributing users graph statistics count does not match with the report from the Data Exports statistics.


2. Statistics report for spaces. E.g. for one space the report says there are 3 creates and 67 views for a specific period. where as  there are more than 50 pieces of content created and one particular discussion has more than 500 views according to user view.


3. We looked at weekly data for social groups. Looks like there is an issue with the "Join" data for each week. We've noticed that the other data fluctuates for each group per week, but that the "Join" data stays the same (for example, <Group1> is shown to have 52 joins each week, this figure stays same).


Would appreciate your help - to resolve this.


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