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First off, this is an issue in 4.x only -- the problems seem to have been addressed in 5.


That said, we are running instances of and (just upgraded from to test this out) that are exhibiting issues with setting up Collaboration Options that stick.  The issues in are worse than those in 4.5.7.x, but since we will soon have our production server at, I will only cover the issue in here.


Here's the reproducible issue in when setting up Collaboration Options:


1. When editing a document, scroll down and click the Just specific people radio button under Visibility

2. Using type-ahead, enter and select names of users (I selected four folks for my testing purposes)

3. Click Collaboration Options to toggle that section open

4. Click the (Remove) button adjacent to two of the four folks brought in under Visibility

NOTE: As an additional problem, you may or may not get (Add) buttons adjacent to the names you removed, or sometimes you will get both "(Remove) (Add)" directly adjacent, or perhaps you will get no button adjacent to a name... it's very very erratic and odd, and never the same twice as you click around...

5. Back under Visibility, now click (Remove) on the two other folks to remove them entirely (yes, they will also disappear from under Collaboration Options, which is good)

6. Now Publish

7. Go back into edit mode on the doc...


What you should see now under Visibility/Collaboration Options are the two folks you left in under Visibility, but their edit capability should be off since you clicked the (Remove) button for them down there.  In every instance I have tried, their edit capability is back on after you Publish.


This needs to be fixed so that various Visibility and Collaboration Options settings are respected and adhered to under


See the attached graphic for more details.


OS X 10.7.3

Firefox 10.0.1



Michael McClure

Sr. Systems Engineer

Walt Disney Animation Studios


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