Case #172033: jive 5.0.2 - trying to reference 'activityEntityConverterV2' spring bean from plugin



I am trying to reference the 'activityEntityConverterV2' spring bean that is defined in spring-coreV2ConverterContext.xml

the line in my spring.xml

<property name="activityEntityConverter" ref="activityEntityConverterV2" />

but when I start up tomcat it gives me this error:

Cannot resolve reference to bean 'activityEntityConverterV2' while setting bean property 'activityEntityConverter'; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'activityEntityConverterV2' is defined


I traced the spring bean is definition to spring-coreV2ConverterContext.xml which is imported within spring-coreV2Context.xml all the way up like so (spring-coreContext.xml -> spring-wsContext.xml -> spring-applicationContext.xml)


My testing..

I put a break point inside of SpringServiceRegistrationListener line 97 and I am able to get a hold of the bean using ctx.getBean("activityEntityConverterV2") but something like this does not work: JiveApplication.getContext().getSpringBean("activityEntityConverterV2").


Am I missing something? Is there a dependency or configuration required in my plugin.xml or spring.xml to get access to the context that defines the activityEntityConverterV2 bean?


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