Case #172178: Link Names to JIVE Doc pages do not change when doc names change (


This is an issue on 4.x.  The issue does not persist in 5.


That said, we need a fix for this in, please (fix pack).



When you use the Insert Link button in the RTE to link to another JIVE doc -- and use the methods of either the All Content or Browse History tabs to locate a page to link to -- that link is then hard-coded into the document such that if you later change the name of the doc linked to, the link DOES NOT pick up that change, forcing you to go back manually and remove and replace links that are imbedded with the old doc name.



Links should follow doc names when written into other Techweb docs, and should change if/when linked documents names change (however, the old-named links are still active and function to take you to the newly renamed pages).  As mentioned above, this has been fixed in 5, but we need to have it fixed in as well.





Michael McClure

Sr. Systems Administrator

Walt Disney Animation Studios


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