Case #174308: Related questionaire on Jive Analytics Module implementation.



   Sorry we closed the case Case #172247 - pre-maturely. We apologize for the inconvinience, but after going through your answers with the team at Sprint, we found that the following questions still remain open for us... Your quick turn back on these would be appreciated. The Jive version we are using is I could not find this version in the "Environment" drop down box of the case hence chose a wrong one just to open the case.


What would be the size of the Analytics DB that we need to make available before the install takes place?


We are planning to use Oracle 11; can you please let us know the "fully qualified name of the JDBC driver class that we need to use? 


What would be the hardware requirements for the machine hosting the new Analytics DB in this regards?


Thank you,

Ramesh Rainikindi.


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