Case #176170: Option to force JIVE links to open in a new window


I dropped a reply into this old thread a week ago, but it has gotten zero traction: Admin option to force non-Jive links to open in a new window


Here is a new use case, and associated issue.  From my reply to that thread:


This is a new issue, but is based on the above need (see the link, above) for opening links in new tabs or browser windows.


The HTML target attribute is functional for external links in our instance (  That's great, however I need the same functionality within our community.  As it is now in, the target attribute is getting stripped out on Jive links. If I code the necessary attribute HTML into a link, I need it to stay there!



We create HOW TO docs for our folks to follow (as a for instance, to help them set up a new Project).  Within the given HOW TO I create a link to a template page that I want them to click through to, yet I do not want them to leave the HOW TO page, so I would like it if clicking the link opened the template in a new window (what target=_blank does on external links).  That way they can continue along reading the instruction set, while doing the work in an adjacent tab on the template.


Makes sense, right?




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