Case #176338: If you follow a person, do you see all of their activity streams?


I currently have a learning curve on Jive and am trying to understand whether a user will see all activity streams of another user they are following ?


The specific case I am trying to solve is the following:


1 - user X follows user Y


2 - Y posts in the ACME Space - of which X is also a member


3 - X claims they cannot see the activity made by Bert in this stream...


Here is their query:


"I (perhaps naively) assumed that if I was following someone, then what I would see in one of the pages (activity, what matters - communication or actions) was everything that those people posted.

It seems I don't - I have to go searching for those streams by picking up a comment someone else has made (who I am not following) or in the trending activity list.

Or am I missing something? my most recent example is all of @X stuff on ACME"


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