Case #177109: Animated GIFs not animating (, 5)


We are unable to see animated GIF files animate in published docs with any regularity.  All animated GIF files show up fine inside the RTE in our instance, but once published, only the very first file will animate, and only if it is the first graphic of any sort placed into the doc.  In all other cases, the Jive ServLet working the file shows a downrezzed (grainy) frame 1 of the animation, statically.


Plus, in the below example, the transparent b/g I see in edit mode in the RTE is rendered black in the static version of the file in the published doc here in Jive 5 (until the graphic is clicked upon, where it goes clear in the full rendered version of the animation that springs up in the graphic viewer window).  This 'black' b/g also happens sometimes in when the animations do not work (see below).

Animated GIFs never animate in Jive 5 document windows!



Reproducible issue in

  • Place a single static graphic file (JPG, PNG, etc.) into a doc, then place the animation and publish—the animated GIF does not animate (and the b/g is black for the above GIF)
  • Place the animation in and publish, THEN re-edit it, place in a static graphic above and publish—it does animate
  • Additional animated files placed into the doc do not animate.  Only one animation ever runs  -- the first one brought in -- NO OTHER ANIMATED GIFS WILL ANIMATE
  • If an animated GIF is not working, place a static graphic in above it, publish the doc, and it still does not work... but re-edit it, remove the top static graphic and publish—it does animate


Though the above are pretty much completely reproducible, I have also seen quirkiness where, in the last case for instance, the animation does not animate, even after walking through the step as written.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't...  Hopefully the above steps will give you enough to work with.  In any case, as stated above in red, nothing ever animates in Jive 5.


Also, note that there are two separate URLs for the animated GIFs when placed into a doc (as is also the case with static images, of course):


The image in the RTE is here:




The image in the published doc is here:




Not sure if that has anythign at all to do with what's going on, but I wanted you to be aware of it.




As an animation studio we really need to have this dealt with -- our production folks depend on being able to see frame to frame animations of different types of sequences rendered properly in their online documentation.


Thanks for your time and efforts.



Michael McClure

Sr. Systems Admin and Jive Curator

Walt Disney Animation Studios


P.S.  The current workaround is to click on the image, which brings it up in the viewer window and it animates, in all cases (even Jive 5!), but as set forth above we need things to animate on the doc page, not just when clicked on.


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