Case #177185: PDF View rendering incorrect colors in graphics (and text sometimes!)



  • The color issue and images 'explode' in this case seems to affect only
  • The size of rendered graphics in PDF view affects as well as 5.




We create docs with many images in them.  When these are viewed as PDF the colors change.  See the attached for examples.  In each I have taken a screenshot of the Jive doc adjacent to the PDF view of each (PDFs are on the right in all examples).  Sorry for the blurring, but the images contain proprietary information, and all I m concerned about is the color changes seen (outlined in red throughout):






Text colors rendered incorrectly in the example below:




(NOTE: We are additionally working on the double-spacing seen in the rendered PDF, just above, as a separate issue)




Sometimes small images (that have not been downsized in the RTE) EXPLODE out to extremely large size in View as PDF:


=Normal Jive doc view=


=PDF view, showing the small 'button' exploded to take up the entire PDF page (also note the color is bad here as well)=





When viewed as PDF, images grow very large in size, well past their 'actual' size.  As you can see in these files below (top one from, bottom one built here in Jive 5), the image of Pua Mata is very large -- it doesn't even fit on one page of the PDF -- but the original image is just 620 pixels by 935 pixels, well within the bounds of a normal PDF page.

Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 10.18.16 AM.png


Jive 5:

Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 10.20.55 AM.png


The PDFs are being viewed at Actual Size, and while I understand that 'actual size' can vary, the cogent point here is that the images got too large for the PDF page, but their dimensions fall well within what should actually fit within a portrait mode PDF page.  As a result of getting blown up, the images also display some bad jagginess.


Thanks for your help on this.



Michael McClure

Sr. Systems Administrator and Jive Curator

Walt Disney Animation Studios


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