Case #177455: Can't access the Admin Cache Page


I log into the admin console on our system and choose System -> Settings -> Caches I get the following page display:



System Error


We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system.


We have done the following in an attempt to fix this:

- Shutdown Jive SBS

- Shutdown EAS

- Shutdown Document Conversion

- Shutdown httpd


- Restart httpd

- Restart Document Conversion

- Restart EAS

- Restart Jive SBS


The condition is still there.


We also noted as we redeployed some templates and other configuration updates recently that our start-up/first access times for Jive went from a minute or two to 15 minutes now.


I recently toggled the machine from Production to Development mode because we were still making development updates/frequent changes until we turn on this system into production mode in another week. (4/1/12).


Thanks in advance for the help.




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