Case #177587: Owners Cannot Delete Existing Groups


We stood up a new instance of JIVE a few weeks ago, copied our JIVEUSER schema to the new instance and upgraded from 4.5.5 to 4.5.7. We had an issue with documents uploading and converting and found out that one of the mounts on the primary database node went to read only. Ends up that there was a corrupt .lvm config file and our systems admins were able to fix it and restore the mount using the data from the 2nd db node. That fixed the upload and  conversion issue, but we are left with 2 other problems. This one is for the inability for group owners to delete their own groups if they existed prior to the upgrade/problem. Matt Jarvie is aware of these issues and we may want to get him involved sooner rather than later.


A group owner reported that he could not delete his own group. I tried deleting the same group. When I clicked Delete, FireFox churned for a while and then I got a page that indicated the site was unavailable. I clicked the back button and it took me back to the page with the Delete button, but the group still exists. I did create a new group and was able to delete it, so this seems to be affecting existing groups. We did have another issue and did an application  restart tonight prior to me trying the delete again.


sbs.out is attached, please advise.





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