Case #179668: How to disable document moderation on a child space while still keeping it on its parent space?


According to my tests, the document moderation setting is alway inherited from a parent space to ALL its child spaces and this inheritance cannot be changed. Is there any way to change and flexibly control this?


I have space structure like the following if viewing in Jive Admin console:



      ---- Child-Space-01

      ---- Child-Space-02

      ---- Child-Space-03


Say I have TestUser added to the name list on Document Setting page of Parent-Space as space moderator so that each document to be published to Parent-Space must first be approved by TestUser. I find this document moderation setting is inherited to all its three child spaces though TestUser is not listed on Document Setting page of any of these child spaces.


Based on our business requirement, what we want is to disable document moderation on Child-Space-03, while still keeping document moderation on Parent-Space and its two other child spaces.


I cannot find any way to achieve this. It looks like that the document moderation of all child spaces is hard coded to be the same as their parent space and there is no flexibility to override this.


Is this a by-design limitation? BTW, we are running SBS 4.5.6. Thanks.


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