Case #179669: Can document category be preserved when the document is moved to another space?


We have two spaces (one internal facing and the other is external facing). Both spaces have the same set of categories created (exactly the same names and number of categories). After a document that is original created in the internal facing space is moved to the external facing one, the category stamped on the document is lost. After the move, we have to open the document, edit it, and add back the category by selecting category checkbox and all these have to be done manually after each move.


Is there any way to workaround this? We just want to a way to keep the category setting on document no matter where the document is moved or a way to prompt the user to select or set a category when the move is occurring. Currently, many users are not aware that categories cannot be preserved so that we have many documents no longer having any categories because of the move.


The platform we are on is SBS4.5.6


Thanks in advance.


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