Case #180935: A few questions


Hi there,


I've got a few questions from the last few days that I wanted to ask about:


    • I've heard from one user (who is very active and uses Jive as well as the mobile app all the time) that he has to re-authenticate every time he opens the Jive app. He has an iPhone 4S and it's been upgraded to the latest operating system. I have the same phone and don't have this problem. Any advice on what's going on that's causing him to have to enter new authorization codes every time he opens the app?
    • Same user has asked me about whether he can @ mention another person from his phone in a status update, for example. It doesn't seem like he can currently.
    • I've noticed that sometimes, but not all times, when I create content by email for a group, it does not post. I just tested forwarding an email as a discussion to the group called "Emerging Platforms Global" and it did not show up. Then I tried emailing a discussion that I created with the word "test" and it did show up. Then I tried copying the content out of the email I wanted to forward into a new email and sending it in, and it worked. So does this mean you can't hit forward and direct it to post to Jive? This would be a bit of a hiccup for us since many people are still sending emails to email groups instead of posting within Jive, and it would be helpful to just forward their emails to the appropriate Jive group address instead of having to create a new email or create new content in Jive.
    • Finally, is it possible to set certain users to automatically receive email notifications for one specific group, so that they have to opt out instead of opt in to receive them, but only for that specific group? For example, would it be possible for all users in Portland (which is one of our filterable tags) to automatically get notifications from a group called "W+K Bay" without them having to do anything?
    • One more late-breaking question: Is it possible to set the default landing page based on a users IP address or location tag? For example, could all Portland people have the Portland Space be their default homepage, all New Yorkers see the New York space as their default homepage, etc? I know you can adjust your landing page preferences to be activity, inbox, etc, but there's no way to select a space or group.


Ok, I think that's it for now. Sorry for the barrage of questions! And thanks in advance for your help.




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