Case #182483: Customizing outlook connect




I've spent several hours trying to adjust the theme in outlook connect using the Jive for Office tab in the admin console.


The specific issues:

  • On the outlook theming tab, when I enter the background color and 3 icons and press update, the preview looks great. The 3 icon boxes blank out on the admin console, and the new theme does not render in outlook when attaching to the UAT site. (this is a issue - is there an additional step I should be performing? Its not documented anywhere).
  • On the advanced tab, when I make changes to the outlook settings section and add an icon for the Jive instance and hit generate - I get good registry entries, but the choices and icon name disappear from the screen.  When I import the registry keys, they do seem to work properly. (this is more of a question/observation - is this the expected behavior?)


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