Case #183501: Can I get the spaces widget to *always* show the full hierarchy ?


So, we have gone live and I have already seen a few posts from our users wondering about our "choice" of navigation. In our case we use the spaces widget on the home page and one other major space (that has several sub spaces).


However, after that (and since the space widget can only show subspaces in the hierarchy), we do not display it any longer since it would essentially be empty.


Our users are speaking rather loud and clear that they exepct to see a standard heirarchy for which only they have access and have it consistent from page to page. Essentially, this means they would like the same "top down view" on every page.


Creating a static HTML widget to display these is a possibility, but then I would hve to make it dynamic so that it was created only for those spaces/sub spaces the user is entitled for.


Surely this must have been done already or I am missing a configuration option for the standard spaces widget?


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