Case #39024: Removing or Replacing Icons for a Single Community


Is it possible to replace the document icon with a custom icon (preference) or remove the icon (backup plan), but only for a specific community?


Here's what we're trying to do:

- Create a community called "videos"

- All of the documents within that community will contain links to videos or embedded videos.

- We don't want the standard document icon - we would prefer to have a different icon or just remove it.


It looks like I might be able to override class="jive-table-cell-icon" in a custom css file, but I'm wondering what the implications to the ftl files would be? I'm looking for an idea of the scope of this change:

  • An ftl or 2 with an if statement invoking the custom css when community=1xxx?
  • A huge customization involving a bunch of ftl files and other stuff I'm not thinking of?





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