Case #45083: System Audit Log Viewer


Good morning! I am experienceing some problems with the audit log viewer in the admin console.


1. When I input specific dates to view, and then click on "update", the dates change. For example, I input the start date as 02/05/09 and the end date as 02/07/09. After I click on "update" the start date will change to 02/04/09 and the end date will change to 02/06/09.

2. When I input a specific user, it will show me activity on page one and show that there are additional pages of activity to view. When I try to go to the next page, either by clicking on the next page number, or by clicking on "next", no activity is shown, and the dates at the top disappear.


This is making it very difficult to view activity. Thanks for your help!


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