Case #52733: Due data on tasks automatically increments for our users in AMS


This is an odd issue.  We got a report from one of our power users in Amsterdam that every time she opens a task for edit, the due date automatically changes to the next day.  This happens over and over for her on a given task.  Every time she edits, the date increases.


At first we could not reproduce this.  Then I changed by time zone to Amsterdam (the CS server is on Pacific time here in California) and suddenly I could see the problem.  I could understand this issue a bit more if the date was only incremented by a single day, but it increments every time she edits a task.  E.g. if right now she opened a task for edit six times, it would have a due date six days in the future.  She can adjust the date back manually and she can cancel to abort the date change as well.  Those are the current workarounds for this but they are annoying for her as she uses tasks a lot and she needs to remember to do this.


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