Case #66562: Can you mass disable unvalidated users?


1. Wondering if you can mass disable unvalidated accounts prior to 6/08/09. This way I'll get a better idea of quantity of members who no longer participate in the community.

2. Delete any unvalidated accounts that were created 1 week or more ago?


I correct as many email addresses for users who do not put their email address in correctly at registration. In some cases I can't see what needs to be corrected. Going forward I will plan on deleting those accounts that I cannot correct so the user has an opportunity to re-register with the same username. There will still be others who register, receive the validation email to their inbox but never validate their account. I'd like to remove these old unvalidated accounts once a month.  It would be great if in a future release this would be a push button option.


Anyone else facing this?


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