Case #71629: Several documents are now corrupt after the database ran out of space




The issue you described on the phone was that your database had run out of space.  When this happened, several of your documents became corrupt.  Your work around is that if a user runs into this, you copy and paste content from an old version.  You would like a way to find and fix all of these bad documents so that this does not keep showing up.


Please find a document where this happened.  It can be one that was already fixed, although it would be more helpful to have one that is still broken.  Run the following query for that document:

SELECT dbv.internaldocid, dbv.bodyid, dbv.versionid, db.bodytext FROM jiveDocumentBody AS db, jiveDocBodyVersion AS dbv 
WHERE dbv.bodyid=db.bodyid AND dbv.internaldocid=####;


Where #### is the document id of the document.  You can determine by looking at the URL for that document.  For example, if the URL is the document id would be 1234.


Post the results of this query to this case so that we can look for some kind of way to find what is wrong with the document.





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