Case #77447: How to restrict permissions for video creation




I am testing the video module in our UAT instance. We would like to restrict video creation to a small group of users.


Here is what I did:


1. Disable "Create Video" permission for Registered users

Location: Communities > Global Permissions for Protect 724 > Permissions >

Commmunity Permissions

Uncheck "Create Video" for Registered users


2. Create "Video Creators" group


3. Grant "Create Video" permission to the Video Creators group in the Share


Location: Communities > Share > Permissions > Community Permissions

Grant New Permission: Check "Create Video" for Group "Video Creators"


When I login as one of the Video Creators, I cannot create a video. Is there a lag time, or did I set it incorrectly? I logged into UAT with user ID tl-support.


Thank you!




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