Case #81465: Your Content Type location in long choose container form?




I've been asked to check in about a content type plugin framework question.


We've implemented the userbar, containable, etc. When you click New [content type], the short version of the change location form pops up. Clicking browse for more Locations gives the longer version of the change location form.


In the short form (which I believe is handled by choose-container-quick.ftl), an option for users to add to the Your [Content Type] location has been made available (I believe as a result of implementing ContentObjectTypeInfoProvider). But a similar link is not provided in the long form (which I believe is handled by choose-container.ftl). As far as I can tell, this is by design (lines 136-147 of choose-container.ftl). Is that the case, or is there something I can implement or a method I can return a different value with from one of the providers that would allow the Your [Content Type] location to be made available through the long form? See attached screenshots.




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