Case #82775: After upgrade from Clearspace 2.5.7 to SBS 4.5.1 many things don't work.


Space permissions can't be edited.

Users can't  edit documents.

Menus on the top of the screen (New, Your Stuff, History, Browse) do not work.

On the profile page, links in "recent activity" return "An unexpected error has occurred".

Embedded images within documents don't work - they link back to their old location on


Also, old Clearspace system was at port 8080, new system is at port 80. The old system's login page still pops up at 8080. I would like port 8080 requests redirected to port 80 I need to have the old links work - like 


I tried to enable SSL and was not able to get it working. In the third step, it reads that I should edit the server.xml file. I added "scheme="https" proxyPort="443" proxyName="" to the first <Connector statement. When I did this, all requests to http at port 80 were redirected to https. However, https does not not work (and I don't want all requests redirected, I just want to be able to use SSL if I put https in the URL).


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