Case #88914: Registration Email Fields Not Responding to Configuration




Two issues in the Registration Panel:


1) I am trying to modify a custom field called Personal Email and configure the default email to be called Alternate Email.  Please look at the attachments to see how these fields are configured. PersonalEmailSettings.png file to see how I have configured this field.  I have also tried to change the Alternate Email (the default, required email field) to the Personal Email, as we want this to be the required field, but after having set the display name to Alternate Email initially, I have been unable to change it.  I save my settings, but the system reverts to calling it Alternate.  I cleared my browser cache and even restarted the application on the server to no avail.  Wierd!


2) The worst part is that the fields are displaying backwards in the Registration Preview panel.  See attached.  I know this only because the "optional" email field, has a drop-down called "Type" and the default Email field does not.  Wierder!


3) Finally, I don't want the Type dropdown field and was hoping you could tell me how to get rid of it easily.





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