Case #92612: Feedback on Sept 2010 Jive Software website redesign


I was told to put feedback on the Sept 2010 website redesign in this community, so I am doing so...


In general, I am not very happy with the website redesign.

  • I find white text on black backgrounds very hard to read and hard on the eyes
    • Worse, the theme does not match the SBS-based Jivespace theming
    • The design really makes me NOT want to browse the site (which, presumbaly, is the opposite of the intended effect)
  • The "Share" widget that is ever persistent is super-annoying. Can this be turned off???


I haven't done a deep dive on the changes to the rest of the site and if I find anything I like I'll be fair and note it here.

Latest Comment: Dec 3, 2010 12:42 PM by Suzame Tong


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