Case #92737: Integration of search results into external app




Is it possible to use REST API (or any other SBS API) to efficiently integrate search results from SBS into external interface? I.e. some SBS API that will accept search criteria (query, sort, contentTypes [documents, blogs, ...], startIndex, numResults) and will return (xml,json,?) hits with all the needed info (like URL link, contentType, Subject, highlighted body fragments, author, date, ...).


The main problem with REST Search API (/rpc/rest/searchService/search in search service) is that it returns only list of IDs but not content. Which means I would have to issue a new request for each document to get Subject and body content. On top of this I did not find any API that would return me highlighted content or fragments (for both the Subject and Body). Is there any?


I found related ticket but if I read it correctly then the REST Search API is probably not designed for efficient search integration with other search services (external to SBS).


SBS Open Search API seems to fit more into this use case as it returns content fragments (but still I am missing highlighting tags like <em> around matching terms). Would you recommend using open search API in this case? Are there any known disadvantages of Open Search API compared to REST Search API?


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