Case #95109: Installing Voldemort on same server as the Jive App Server


We are upgrading Jive SBS 4.0.13 to 4.5.3 and would like to run a 3 node voldemort cluster, however, we would like to have each node run in parallel to a Jive App Server on our hardware.  At this time we are not moving to a virtual environment and would like to run on the existing hardware.


Current Setup

DB: Oracle RAC 3 node cluster


App Servers 1-8 (16 CPU, 96Gb Ram):  1 Jive App Server (currently running at less than 5% CPU and less than 5% ram)


Proposed 4.5 environment:


DB: stays the same

App Servers 1-5(16 CPU, 96Gb Ram):  1 Jive App Server

App Servers 6-8(16 CPU, 96Gb Ram):  1 Jive App Server, 1 Voldemort Node


The documentation




  • Cache server on a machine  separate from clustered                                             application servers.

    If  you're setting up more than                                                 one cache server  machine, you should use three or                                                 more. Using only two  cache servers can be less                                                 efficient than using  one.



Can you please provide a precise explanation of why this statement was made so we can determine if our proposed topology is ok, if the reason is simply server resources, we should be ok, if it is something else, we need more details to make that decision.


Thank You,



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