Looking for customer-exclusive content in this community? If so, you are in luck! You can get access to customer-only announcements, our advocates program, the cloud release center, and the hosted and on-premise release center as well within our Aurea Customer Hub space or any of our product-specific Customer Hub spaces.


In this blog, I'll describe the process to become a community member and what you can do to join some of our private places for customers and partners (if these apply to you).


For new customers, your first contact with this community could be an emailed invitation from a member of our account team. If this is the case, you will need to join the community first before you can accept the invitation sent to you. The email you receive will take to directly to the community to start the registration process described below. Also, be sure to request access to the Customer-Only places in the community using the instructions below.


How to Join This Community


Almost anyone can join this community. That said, we do like to know who you are upfront. As a result, we moderate (approve or deny) all new users into the community.


Please note the following when registering:

  • For existing customers. When you submit your registration, please use your company email address. If our system recognizes the email domain as a customer address, your registration approval is streamlined.  After registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. To access important private customer places in the community, see the Customer-Only Access section below.
  • For new customers. New customers, you may have received an emailed invitation from a member of the account team to join your group in the community. Please register in the community using your company email address: we will look up your company in our database in order to confirm your customer status. Although your registration is processed immediately, it takes 24 hours to apply customer permissions (we operate during Pacific Time business hours only).
  • For potential-customers. If you are looking to learn more about Aurea's products, the community is a great place to start. Please use your company email address to register so we can more quickly process your request. We will manually look up your company in our database or online in order to confirm your status.


Sometimes registration confirmation emails go awry... they are grabbed by spam filters or junk mail folders and you may miss our confirmation or welcome email. If this happens:

  • Add JiveWorks to your accepted list of domains in your email filter (if you are able)
  • Check your junk mail or spam filter often
  • Follow up with an email to: Lauren Vescera if you have any issues.


How to Get Customer-Only Access

Because our community is primary a place for customers, we have some special places just for them. We relay important information just for customers in these private places. Two of the most important customer-only places are:



Steps to Get Access


How to Get Partner Access

In case you are a new partner reading these instructions, you will want to get access to the partner-only Partner Home. We've got training and direct contact to our partner enablement team in this place.Steps to Get Access