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Welcome to AureaWorks, the one place for our customers, partners and other interested professionals to come together for product updates, product / support questions and answers, and conversations about running and succeeding with their selected products.


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Here in this community we encourage our members to develop relationships with each other in order to share best practices and success stories. Additionally, employees are engaged to provide subject matter expertise and to answer key questions.


To learn more about this community, check out the space AureaWorks Community Help or review the topics below:


Site Navigation

The community is organized according to key topics of interest and user pathways. Most areas are visible to the public and other areas require registration and special permissions to view (such as our customer-only places). These areas are accessible via the top navigational menus.



Registration requirements

  • This community is open to people across the globe, but we currently only support English language discussions. In select places, depending on the customer base, some content is provided in other languages. If you update your language settings in your personal preferences, some of the system headings will change to the language selected..
  • All users must use their real names and affiliations (company/university/institute/etc.), as one would display on a name badge at a professional meeting; requests that do not follow this naming convention will require extra processing. Please do not use your email as your user name, as this will be visible to other members.
  • To ensure a high-quality environment focused on our technology and applications, recruiters, advertisers, promoters, and competitors are not allowed in this community.


Registration process

  • Begin registration: Login Page (NOTE: If you are already logged in and registered, you will simply come back to this page)
  • Provide your company or institutional email address (generic email addresses like gmail or yahoo take longer to process and cannot be associated with a customer domain or account)
  • You will receive an automated email with a link to the full registration page
  • Complete the registration form and submit it. You are automatically a new member.
  • We will review your application for additional customer permissions. If you provide clear information and a company email address, evaluation will take one business day. If you use a generic email address, we cannot provide you with customer access unless you are listed as a contact in our customer account database.
  • Once registered, we will send you a welcome message, and then you log in and complete your profile.

Note: If 24 hours has passed and we have not granted you customer access, please seeHow to Join This Community and Get Customer-Only or Partner Access


Questions? Contact the community manager by responding to this post. Thank you!

In order to improve our service to you, our community members, we have relaunched this community as of Wednesday, November 9, 2016.


To post issues or feedback on this update, please submit a question in AureaWorks Community Help


Keep in mind, the changes below only impact this community, not any of your own Jive communities.




Relaunching the community... what does that mean?


We have an amazing community, however, the amazingness doesn't always shine through. Navigating the site has become a challenge, the homepage isn't very dynamic, we haven't had a good way of onboarding customers versus visitors to the community and the name can cause confusion. The time is right to reset our vision for the community and realign it to our goal to be a showcase customer engagement community.  On the morning of Thursday, November 10, we unveil the new community with a handful of key changes:


  • New community name: JiveWorks.  Using best practices, we brainstormed a list of names, picked them apart, narrowed the list and ultimately made the final selection on the new name for the community. While we won't be changing the URL for the community (browser bookmarks and links will still work), the name is perfect on many levels:
    • Jive works to bring people together in collaboration, communication and connection.
    • Our community helps customers get work done for their own communities
    • Definition of 'works' : effort directed to accomplish something; a place where a specific type of business is carried on

The Jive Community = JiveWorks!


  • New home page. Our new community home page will display vibrant curated community activity and featured thought leadership content. We have also streamlined Q&A with a dynamic ‘ask a question’ widget to get questions posted to the right places.  And with mobile top of mind, we have leveraged our responsive design functionality to ensure you can have a great experience on the community regardless of what machine or device you are using.  In addition, we have a more consistent look-and-feel with Jive’s family of web properties.

A sneak peek into our new look-and-feel


  • New navigation menus and updated information architecture. You'll find new sticky menus at the top of the site and reorganized support pathways as shown in the diagram below. We have also focused on making much more of the community accessible to anyone visiting and limited the amount of content in private spaces.

Other key initiatives as part of the relaunch

  • New Events space. We are combining all of our event related content into a one-stop-shop Events space.
  • Refreshed customer hub. The Jive Customer space will now focus on customer-private content and announcements only, as a result more content will be public.
  • New governance processes. We are improving our processes for new customer on-boarding, content planning, and private-vs-public content and space accessibility.


We hope you are excited as we are to have a fresh new experience here in the community!

Join me in welcoming our new community manager for the Jive Community, Sarah O'Meara!


Sarah will be joining me in making this community even more amazing for you: our Jive Customer Hub, users, and Partners. She's new to community management as a discipline, but brings a great deal of blogging and project management experience to our team here at Jive.


Cool facts about Sarah

Sarah spent several years travelling and working in Japan. She worked as an English teacher to Japanese high school students, helping them to find creative ways to complete assignments and share their results. She even gamified the question and answer portion of the student presentations to create more engagement between the classmates. Sarah also wrote online articles for a Japanese travel company to promote travel and activity engagement in the region. Additionally, Sarah published monthly blogs about travel, food, festivals in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. You can check out her blogs here: Sarah Chaney - Japan Travel Member Profile - Map Your Journeys - Japan Travel - Tourism Guide  Her editorial prowess will serve her well here in the Jive community as she works on our content governance and publishing processes.


You'll see Sarah around the community, posting in Blogs with fabulous blogs such as [ARCHIVED - JSDC wrapper] Using Jive to Build a Parent Community for Online School, she'll be helping out with the How I Work interviews, and responding to your submittals in Ideas for Jive just to name a few of her responsibilities. Sarah will also play a critical role in onboarding new customers, so many people will meet her as their first step into the fold.

If you have any questions about where to get started or who to reach out to here in the community, please don't hesitate to contact Sarah or myself Libby Taylor.


In the meantime, give Sarah a virtual high-five for joining the team!