Join me in welcoming our new community manager for the Jive Community, Sarah O'Meara!


Sarah will be joining me in making this community even more amazing for you: our Jive Customer Hub, users, and Partners. She's new to community management as a discipline, but brings a great deal of blogging and project management experience to our team here at Jive.


Cool facts about Sarah

Sarah spent several years travelling and working in Japan. She worked as an English teacher to Japanese high school students, helping them to find creative ways to complete assignments and share their results. She even gamified the question and answer portion of the student presentations to create more engagement between the classmates. Sarah also wrote online articles for a Japanese travel company to promote travel and activity engagement in the region. Additionally, Sarah published monthly blogs about travel, food, festivals in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. You can check out her blogs here: Sarah Chaney - Japan Travel Member Profile - Map Your Journeys - Japan Travel - Tourism Guide  Her editorial prowess will serve her well here in the Jive community as she works on our content governance and publishing processes.


You'll see Sarah around the community, posting in Blogs with fabulous blogs such as [ARCHIVED - JSDC wrapper] Using Jive to Build a Parent Community for Online School, she'll be helping out with the How I Work interviews, and responding to your submittals in Ideas for Jive just to name a few of her responsibilities. Sarah will also play a critical role in onboarding new customers, so many people will meet her as their first step into the fold.

If you have any questions about where to get started or who to reach out to here in the community, please don't hesitate to contact Sarah or myself Libby Taylor.


In the meantime, give Sarah a virtual high-five for joining the team!