• How can I turn off the document preview function?

    We link to many documents (PDF, Word and Excel) in our day-to-day. We are recent converts to Jive and have noticed quite a bit of frustration with the document preview function, as our employees are used to clicking a...
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  • How to Abandon Your AureaWorks Community Profile (Deactivate Account, Stop Emails)

    Steps to Abandon your Community Profile  1. Manual Unsubscribe from Emails If you know your username/password and can log into the Community, follow the steps below because you: No longer intend to use your Comm...
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  • Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today

    Sign up by adding your name to the comments below!   Looking to access information posted in one of the following customer spaces? Aurea Customer Hub (available to all Aurea customers regardless of product) Cu...
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  • Where can I find the total number of Videos we have loaded in our community?

    The CMR report shows all other types of content but not video.  Assuming because they are hosted off site and not locally.
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  • This document is currently being edited by me, but I'm not, how do I edit it?

    I was editing a page, then I clicked something by mistake and found myself on another page. I've navigated back to the page I was editing and want to continue. But, at the top of the page it says:   This documen...
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  • JavaScript within HTML code

    One of the users in my community wishes to commit inline javascript in HTML in an HTML tile. She has not been able to do so. Is it because this is not allowed within Jive boundaries? Or perhaps there is a little-known...
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  • Is it possible to make the fonts more readable in AureaWorks post-update?

    I see that AureaWorks has been updated with a slightly changed visual identity and new fonts. Unfortunately, finding the fonts way less readable overall. At larger sizes they seem a little better, but throughout the p...
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  • Href displays target site inline... but....

    Update: removed the div and the href still displayed the target site inline. What is this? Do i need a target attribute in my hrefs?  So I found this cool easter egg today when i was trying to center some custom...
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  • Jive and SharePoint integration

    Is it possible to integrate (link) more than one team site to a single Jive space or community?
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  • how to export all user profile information in JIVE?

    Using jive cloud, I need to export the user profile information. I've tried using the REST api, and it works for email and name, but the fields I need were added (birthday, store location ect). So I cant figure out ho...
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  • Missing messages older than 6 months

    Hello!   We have noticed that looking at our inboxes, no messages are showing up that are more than 6 months old.  Is anyone else having this problem with missing messages? Matt Collinge FYI   Thanks...
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  • Virtually no Apps working on AureaWorks

    Hi. I'm sure you know this already, but when you try to either use the main 'Apps' menu (top nav), or !App within a piece of content, pretty much nothing works!   !App menu in Content   Box    ...
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  • HTML Code for Navigation Menu Bar doesn't Work

    Dear Community, I am creating a group for my team and would like to implement a navigation bar using the HTML widget. The code consists of simple html and css. Unfortunately the navigation bar isnt shown proberly, w...
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  • Does Jive have a basic widget for admin-created text and link content?

    Hey folks,   I've worked with Jive before, but all of the widgets available to me don't allow for just adding basic content (text and links, mostly). I'm looking to build a bit of a wiki if it will support it. &...
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  • Why can't I see comments on a question?

    I can see that Stephanie Cruz has replied to duplicate documents? , but I cannot see  her reply:   I was just going to comment for her to check out  Create a copy feature  but now I noticed ...
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  • How to turn on Gamification for Cloud instance?

    One of our cloud instances has this on and we are wanting to explore it on another instance.   What is the process to enable the Rewards Console?
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  • Terms and Conditions

    Jive provides AureaWorks (AWX) as a service to its users, customers and partners, to help them exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products and services. The AureaWorks community is here f...
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  • delete my profile

    I want to delete my profile. Why can't I do it myself?
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  • How to Join This Community and Get Customer-Only or Partner Access

    How to Join This Community How to Get Customer-Only Access How to Get Partner Access   Looking for customer-exclusive content in this community? If so, you are in luck! You can get access to custome...
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  • Jive Signup

    Hi All,   I am looking for some answers and need your guidance.   1. Can I signup for jive without corporate email address ? 2. Can I signup for Jive without any email address and use Phone Number instead...
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