• Is it possible to make the fonts more readable in AureaWorks post-update?

    I see that AureaWorks has been updated with a slightly changed visual identity and new fonts. Unfortunately, finding the fonts way less readable overall. At larger sizes they seem a little better, but throughout the p...
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  • Is JIVE impacted by the Apache Struts Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE-2018-11776?

    We need to know if the Jive application is impacted by the above vulnerability
  • System announcement notifications and visibility

    Hello everyone,   I was wondering if the system announcement published on the home/activity page are visible on the Jive Daily app ? And if we check the option sent a notification, app users are getting the noti...
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    created by yvmavrova

    A number of my Jive users are currently experiencing a AN UNEXPECTED ERROR HAS OCCURED message, they get this regardless of device or browser, whilst others are fine.  Please advise. I have used local device, Ci...
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  • @mention in custom Ideation fields

    Hello   I'm playing with some custom fields in the Idea content type, but @mentioning isn't working. Is this expected functionality or does a ticket need to be raised?   Thanks!
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  • Changing the icon size of custom add-on

    We need to change the size of an image which has been added in our custom add-on. It is by default taking 16px*16px. Need to increase it to 18px. The style is being referenced to jive.css file. What should we do to in...
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  • Content rejected

    We tried to enable the report abuse functionality . What we noticed is even though the content is rejected , the content is searchable or if we have a link then we can still navigate to the content . Can anyone let me...
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  • How to lock comment editing

    Dear colleagues,   we have got a problem regarding the comment-function and we are not sure whether its a #bug  or a  feature.   Imagine the following situation:   Person A created a #comme...
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  • How do I update a license?

    I need to update a license. How do I do it once I have the .lic file?     Thanks, Tony
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  • How do I get to my news in AureaWorks?

    I feel pretty stupid for asking this and I'm sure I must be missing something obvious... but how do I get to my News page in AureaWorks?  On our Jive platform we have a link to your News in the global nav.  ...
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  • Jive platform using Internet Explorer main page slider reduced in size to half inch wide.

    When accessing Jive platform as an internal user specifically using Internet Explorer our main page slider is reduced in size to about half inch wide (image attached for reference), and the user is unable to see the c...
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  • How do I get a client access to this space ?

    How do I get a client access to this space ?
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  • Migrate from 10.0.11 to 10.0.12

    Hi   Customer support asked me to migrate to 10.0.12   "Note: There was a bug with this solution and fixed in 2018 R2(10.0.12)  version. Please make sure you are using latest 10.0.x release to avoid t...
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  • Online community administrator job-HELP

    Hi There,   I'm in search of job related to JIVE.I have overall 5.9 years of experience. In JIVE community administrator I have 4.2 yrs of experience. Let me know if anybody has job openings related to my skill...
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    created by susuryaw
  • Disable Rewards Tab of elses users for non-admins

    Is there a way to disable the Rewards Tab, so non-admin users can only see their rewards information and can not see anyone elses?   Thank you!
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    created by lucaslopes
  • is it possible to enter markup in a document

    I found a list of markup syntax https://community.jivesoftware.com/markuphelpfull.jspa but I see no way to enter them with the RTF editor, I would like to populate a document with document links by entering a series...
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    last modified by faust
  • What times are the community leadboards calculated?

    We are on the cloud and it says that the community leaderboard is calculated twice daily. Does anyone know what exact times that takes place? Thanks in advance! See screenshot below for reference.    
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    created by amcgowan
  • CRM.Phone: Support of Microsoft Teams-Integration already planned?

    Currently Skype4Business/Lync is the tool from Microsoft, but in the very near future MS Teams seems to be the tool according to Microsoft strategy.   Is there already a plan to connect CRM via Phone with Teams?
  • Document Storage, Best practice?

    Hi Everyone,   My situation is this; we are a Jive Intranet customer hosted on the Cloud (now AWS). We use our community as news feed to reach our partners as well as a place to store documents to share, and int...
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  • User Profiles

    Can´t see user profiles
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