Recently we have been working on something special for our hosted and on-premise customers in the Jive Community.


It's called My Jive Licenses


My Jive Licenses (an app within the Jive Community) will replace MyAccount (a web site) for customers who want to see or manage the Jive-n or Jive-x software that they've purchased.


The good news is that where MyAccount was a separate web site that users had to visit, My Jive Licenses is an app that will live in the Jive Community!


Helping customers access their license information


The main goals of replacing MyAccount with My Jive Licenses are:


  • To improve your user experience by bringing access to your licenses and software downloads into the Jive Community for easy access
  • Reduce maintenance complexity and simplify the architecture of Jive's digital footprint
  • Remove the need for a special single sign on between the Jive Community and the MyAccounts web site.


Help us test live


You can help us ensure the app is working correctly, by clicking on the Apps menu in the Jive Community (see below). Hint: You must be a current hosted or on-premise customer with an active license to see the App in your menu. Cloud customers are updated via the cloud and do not require software downloads.



Next, select My Jive Licenses:


You should see the license information that you currently see when you access MyAccount today as well as your available downloads. What you won't see in our new app is the ability to view or update your contact information. You can do that, however, in your customer support space called MyJive Group which is found under the Get Help menu.