Welcome to JiveWorks, the one place for Jive's customers, partners and other interested professionals to come together for product updates, product / support questions and answers, and conversations about running and succeeding in online communities. Our focus here is on Jive's core platform for customer engagement communities and employee collaboration hubs (and intranet replacements). Join our new member onboarding class below:


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Here in JiveWorks we encourage our members to develop relationships with each other in order to share best practices and success stories. Additionally, Jivers are engaged to provide subject matter expertise and to answer key questions.


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Site Navigation

The community is organized according to key topics of interest and user pathways. Most areas are visible to the public and other areas require registration and special permissions to view (as shown with a lock). These areas are accessible via the top navigational menus as well as the links below.


  • Welcome / Home page: Our home page is entirely visible to unregistered guests and shares curated content as well as a dynamic question and answer form.
  • News: Shows recent promoted News content and announcements, as well as key places to learn About the Community and read our Jive Talks blogs.
  • Product and Support: See public product annoucements in Jive Platform, receive product support in Jive Support, view our Jive Knowledge Base. Customer-only access to product feedback is available in Ideas for Jive and private customer support in MyJive Support groups.
  • Learn: For the beginner as well as the community manager, we have training to suit all levels. Additional customer-only assistance is available in our Adoption Resource Center
  • Events: Visit our public one-stop space for Events, recorded webinars, and user group information.
  • Customer Hub: Only visible to pre-approved customers, viewers see pre-release information about upcoming product updates, our advocates program, and releases.
  • Developers & Partners: Developers can learn and share best practices, customers can find partners in the Partner Community, and partners have access to a private partner-only Partner Hub


Registration requirements

  • This community is open to people across the globe, but we currently only support English language discussions and materials.
  • All users must use their real names and affiliations (company/university/institute/etc.), as one would display on a name badge at a professional meeting; requests that do not follow this naming convention will require extra processing.
  • To ensure a high-quality environment focused on Jive's technology and applications, recruiters, advertisers, promoters, and competitors are not allowed in this community.


Registration process

  • Begin registration here (NOTE: If you are already logged in and registered, you will simply come back to this page)
  • You provide your company or institutional email address (generic email addresses like gmail or yahoo are strongly discouraged)
  • You will receive an automated email with a link to the full registration page
  • Complete the registration form and submit it
  • We will review your application. If you provide clear information and a company email address, evaluation will take one business day. If you use a generic email address, we must reach out to you for more information, which can take up to three to five business days.
  • If approved, we will send you a welcome message, and then you log in and complete your profile.

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Questions? Contact the Community Manager at community.admin@jivesoftware.com